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Transport & Logistics

No Roaming Charges, No Network Issues, No GPS Jamming! Starting with Cross Border GPS Tracking, everywhere in the world. If you run a business in the Transport & Logistics industry, then

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Construction Industry

Intelligent gps tracking for construction site equipment A lot of heavy and expensive machinery is utilised daily at construction sites worldwide, throughout the construction process. Most of this equipment is

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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Professional GPS Vehicle Tracking – Monitor your vehicle around the clock everywhere Vehicle theft is on the rise; with statistics showing that at least one car is stolen every 30

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iOS & Android App

If you are in the business of delivering goods, supplying materials, transporting corporate clients or offering daily taxi services, you may as well want to

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Global Roaming Sim

GPS Tracking Providers will normally give you a sim card that only works when your local mobile phone network is also operational. And in circumstances

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