About Us

About Us

GPSTRAQER is a team of passionate engineers, who have gained a lot of experience in the telecommunications industry, as well as in the IT industry. It was officially established when M2M Global Solutions Ltd. received a request from a major European shipping company that commissioned it to create a global GPS tracking system which works worldwide flawlessly without costing too much especially in terms of roaming charges. One of the requirements of the project was that this localization system should not only support the American GPS and the Russian GLONASS but also the classic cell localization via GSM / UMTS or LBS. Based on these specific and strict requirements, we designed a satellite-cell-based positioning system in which each individual component is redundant. Starting from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS / GLONASS / Cell / LAC) on a sim that supports all kinds of communication protocols and should always log into the mobile network with the best signal reception even in indoor locations such as warehouses, garages, etc. This location determination of mobile phone cells proofed to be particularly helpful because it not only allows indoor positioning, but also in almost any location.

Our technology is a first in the industry, no other tracking company is offering this in the market. The goal of GPSTRAQER now is to bring the benefits of low cost round the clock GPS tracking that will always be guaranteed to work even when the network provider of the client is poor or not present.

Because we collect data 24/7, you will always have real history which you can play back and have a look at the events. Get the perfect presentation of where your assets have been throughout the day, week or month depending on the length of movement.

When it comes to roaming, we have the same fixed rate across all continents, whether in the Americas or Europe. This rate has unlimited validity that extends virtually for the length of time you have signed to use our service. What this implies is that you will not have to scratch your head due to exorbitant data fees especially in continents like Asia, Africa and South America or a region like Latin America where each MB of data costs 4.99 Euros on limited delivery terms. If you go to Europe, you will find the arguably low figure of 0.228 Euro Cents equally disarming. With us you no longer have to worry about being slapped with roaming charges that are unexpected and unaffordable for businesses both large and small.

As our company culture promotes innovation with the aim to increase customer satisfaction and overcome technical & commercial challenges, we are always open to the realisation of your requirements and ideas. Share them with us and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Benefits of using GPSTRAQER:
  • Decrease risks of theft due to poor networks
  • Get rid of exorbitant, ever unpredictable roaming costs
  • 24/7 route alerts
  • Live weather and traffic updates, enabling dispatchers to organize drivers and technicians around routes
  • Improved efficiency
Indeed, GPStraqer has come a long way as a scion of M2M Global Solutions Ltd to the position of a unique GPS tracking services provider with unlimited data positioning edge. Our charges, whether roaming in Europe or travelling across the United States are always affordable. If you often worry about theft due to poor network coverage, our ultra-fast GPS technology that never fails to connect even in the remotest of places on the planet is all you need. The GPSTRAQER team is firmly rooted in true honesty, with an ever consistent determination to always do things right. This summarises everything we are about and what we stand for-providing the best value for your money without exorbitant rates. GPSTRAQER.com is a trademark of M2M Global Solutions Ltd, a company based in the United Kingdom.