Container Tracking

Shipping companies around the world ship tones and tones of items annually. All these items, worth trillions, are packaged and shipped in containers which are placed on cargo ships or planes for transit to respective destinations. Indeed as you read this right now, over 6 million shipping containers on huge cargo ships are sailing through the high seas of the earth, destined for different parts of the world. In 2013, for instance, the International liner shipping industry moved about 120 million containers carrying cargo of an estimated worth of $4 trillion.

Every year, a significant number of these containers fall off never to be seen again. It is now estimated that tens of thousands of containers disappear annually, causing far reaching damages to shipping companies and individual owners. The containers can be stolen through organized syndicates, the shipments can be halted by pirates, catastrophic natural events can strike, ordinary accidents can occur along the journey.

Meanwhile, all cargo ships and planes are required to stop at various ports for regulatory checks or for other good reasons. When you combine the risk of loss, the many stops along the way, and the subsequent impact on the business, it’s imperative that the shipping containers are monitored 24/7 by use of efficient container cargo tracking or air cargo tracking systems. But monitoring is not enough. The information needs to be sent in a timely manner to owners and shipping companies so that they can use it to make crucial decisions if need be. In the event that the information is inaccurate or delayed, the impact is costly.

The Solution

The ultimate solution is reliable container tracking that is proven to keep the promise of accuracy & time; and this is what you get at GPSTRAQER.COM where we believe that any loss, whatever the cause, is a big blow to the involved company not forgetting the clients waiting for their cargo to arrive safely and in scheduled time.

The information received is essential in streamlining the operations of any business in the container shipping industry. In case of certain problems in shipments that need the attention of senior management, the information is quickly relayed and the problem sorted fast. Data regarding delivery times and routes can be used to determine the most optimal rates across different shippers. In case you discover that there are so many long stops along the journey that could potentially cost the business, they can be analyzed and reduced considerably depending on the cause like say faulty trailers.

The GPSTRAQER.COM gps container tracking portal provides consistent monitoring for containers throughout the entire journey, right from the factory to the destination. Whether passing via customs inspection points or when stopping at ports, or even when the container is on trucks, the system will monitor the containers’ locations plus important items regarding the condition of the freight at all times. Incidences of break-ins, unauthorized openings or temperature anomalies will be captured by our asset tracking device with worldwide coverage.

Key Strengths of GPSTRAQER.COM

Uninterruptible Communication

A common challenge with huge container shipments is that when they are above each other, only the ones at the top can deliver their GPS positioning. The ones below cannot as they do not have free sight to satellite. This problem is easily overcome by our unique Cell-triangulation which captures the exact location based on GSM Cell and LAC ID, when GPS fails.

Furthermore, with our Roaming Flat Rate Price plan, the container can be tracked in 1 minute intervals worldwide. Alarming of open doors and motion (Integrated Motion Sensor in Hardware) can also be configured. Cell-ID integrates perfectly with GPS & AGPS across GSM, UMTS, HSPA as well as CDMA2000 Networks, making it perfect for in-transit containers and trailers.

Data Transmission Over Satellite

If you require satellite tracking, our intelligent satellite tracking unit for air and sea cargo is the perfect solution for transferring your data every time, everywhere. It is suitable for both air and sea cargo where excellent satellite coverage is key.

Superior Hardware

Owner-friendly tracking devices are mountable on trailers, with each tracker dedicated to each trailer. If you depend on rented trailers on the other hand, you can comfortably use the Mobile GPS devices whether you are transiting rail to road or road to sea.

Frequent Positioning Reports

GPSTRAQER.COM supports frequent location reports at close intervals throughout the day or week in more than 360 mobile cellular networks worldwide.

Special benefits to expect from GPSTRAQER.COM:

24/7 Tracking

GPSTRAQER.COM provides round-the clock monitoring. Alerts are automatically generated by specific individual events in different circumstances such as door openings whether by force or with keys, container impact, break-ins etc. Alerts can also be trigged by pre-determined events like doors being opened out of defined zones-this is where our geo-fencing capabilities come into play. You can easily set the alerts such that they are transmitted to your tracking device as an SMS or they can also be emailed.

Advance Route Updates

GPSTRAQER.COM provides comprehensive advance route information. In the event that there is a possibility of delays due to situations such as impassable roads or sea-related complications, the system will relay this information in advance thus enabling you to decide on alternative routes and save time.

Swift Container Management

Our intelligent cargo tracking software helps thousands of container owners and businesses to have an eye on their fleets in a platform that enables them to increase efficiency by reducing the number of empty containers, idle manpower etc. The overall benefit is enhanced planning and improved service delivery.

Low Insurance Premiums

The number of insurance claims processed daily due to lost containers as a result of incidents such as piracy, theft & accidents is ever increasing and alarming. GPSTRAQER.COM deters this by enabling shipping companies to properly determine and apportion responsibility. In effect, insurance claims and premiums will come down considerably because you will be able to tell what happened. There are also high chances of recovering the lost items. In other words the risk is reduced which results in much lower insurance premiums.

Customs Efficiency

Shipping containers will always go through a minimum of one port, often much more. They are inspected at every port by the respective customs authorities of the different countries as they verify what they are carrying and definitely ensure tax compliance! GPSTRAEQER.COM makes this entire process much easier by displaying holistic route reports including each and every operation at the doors, to guarantee the accuracy of the reports.

Efficient Temperature Sensors

These are specially designed sensors to allow transportation of goods in an environment that guarantees efficient temperature control. You equally have access to the temperature history of the containers’ journey throughout the world all the way to the destinations.


Our gps container trackingdevices are extremely user-friendly. Since all applications run from the friendly tracking portal, you can instantly access them from anywhere, any time, from a PC in your office, phone or tablet via our Android or iOS app.

We believe that our world class gps container tracking portal will not only meet your requirements but also exceed your expectations. Join us today; track your cargo at GPSTRAQER.COM.