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Intelligent gps tracking for construction site equipment

A lot of heavy and expensive machinery is utilised daily at construction sites worldwide, throughout the construction process. Most of this equipment is rented, hence the need to ensure they are safe from damages and theft.

Surveyors, civil engineers and contractors on the other hand are increasingly facing strict time-lines in an equally stressed economy that calls for tight budgets. To complete heavy site construction projects in time, within the allocated budget and to standards, they will need to work efficiently and accurately around the clock. This is now possible with GPSTRAQER.COM, anintelligent gps tracking platform that assists in measuring the working time as well as distance covered by your construction site equipment, from earth moving machines to mobile cranes & towers, heavy trucks and service vehicles. It also supports extensive alarming and reporting features, such as alerts when a machine is being stolen and moved out of the designated Geofence-zone, etc or report how many times a machine crossed a predefined geofence-zone.

Additionally, with the gps logger, GPSTRAQER.COM documents the GPS position at any time and by whom in terms of which driver. Features such as activation of Engine on and off, only by permitted drivers, etc. are also supported. The combination of these capabilities can greatly enhance the coordination of workers based on the availability of the machine e.g. crane, construction & agricultural equipment, Dozers/Motor Graders, etc.

By utilizing the power of features such as gps maps, Geo-Fencing and more, engineers, surveyors and contractors can automate and track their equipment to accuracy in order to complete construction projects much faster and profitably.


  • Significantly reduce unnecessary idle time that is common in construction sites.
  • Cut down on unnecessary miles covered due to unauthorized usage, thus reducing risks.
  • Generate fuel reports to better manage fuel consumption.
  • Quickly identify what is overused or underused, effectively increasing efficiency.
  • Schedule maintenance routine alerts to ensure long machine life.
  • Detect and recover stolen parts.
  • Enforce intelligent geo-fencing.
  • Maintain transparency & accuracy in billing the exact time spent in operating the machines.
  • Schedule and allocate equipment based on priority and availability.
  • Use the gps tracking app to alert foremen, supervisors or guards in case any equipment is over-speeding or in the wrong place. The alerts can be as easy as via SMS through your gps tracking cell phone.

Some legislation in different countries requires that operators of heavy machines such as cranes should only work for a limited number of hours per day, say 10 hours maximum. GPSTRAQER.COM enables recording of starting and stopping time to ensure this is clearly adhered to for purposes of following the law hence ensuring your site is properly compliant.

The system works on a wide variety of construction site equipment including;

  • Earth moving machines
  • Trolleys
  • Wheel barrows
  • Generators
  • Forklifts
  • Trenchers

Some of the reports you will get include;

  • Engine hours-Shows total working hours plus any breakdown.
  • Start/End day report-See what time the equipment started to work and when it closed.
  • Idle time report-Shows all incidences of machine idling.
  • Activity report-Shows comprehensive details of machine activity during the day’s work.
  • Maintenance report-Indicates when a machine is due for service
  • Violation report- Indicates incidences of unauthorized utilization, including usage in wrong areas.
  • Fleet status-Allows dispatchers to identify the location of every machine.

You can easily access our gps tracking system on any internet enabled device from anywhere in the world, without worrying about getting out of your mobile network’s coverage. Our sim card will automatically integrate with any telecommunication network in the world. We also provide GPS-Triangulation, enabling the gps tracking device to send data even from locations with challenges of satellite obstruction. No other provider offers these specific unique advantages.

Effective tracking of construction site equipment means peace of mind for construction managers and even the construction crew, and it’s hard to put a price on this. Early adoption of this platform is the best way to remain ahead both competitively as well as profitably.

So go ahead, do it early. Claim your peace of mind at GPSTRAQER.COM.