Global Roaming Sim

GPS Tracking Providers will normally give you a sim card that only works when your local mobile phone network is also operational. And in circumstances where the sim card needs to be used out of your country’s network boundaries, then roaming sets in with its usual costly implications. The other grueling problem with such a sim card is that it will let you down terribly whenever your assets get to some place along the route, even if it’s within your country, which is not covered by your mobile operator’s network. This means the assets will remain untracked for as long as there is no cellular network coverage.

Fortunately you can escape this pain because GPSTRAQER.COM now offers a revolutionary sim card, a roaming sim that works everywhere worldwide all the time regardless of whether the current location of your tracked assets is covered by your local mobile phone network or not.

Besides ensuring that your assets are tracked 24/7 no matter the state of your network, GPSTAQER.COM is absolutely affordable with no surprise bills. You only pay a flat rate, and you will never incur any other hidden costs as is normally the case with providers in the tracking industry.

The special roaming sim card from GPSTAQER is indeed a ‘first and only’ in the industry. It disrupts the status quo completely to offer the only GPS tracking solution where roaming does not bombard you with expensive bills at the end of every month.

We have heard sad stories of customers who have been surprised with hefty roaming bills that are in fact more expensive than their high end smartphones. Can you imagine getting a bill that is much higher than the latest iPhone, for instance? This is what is eliminating. We want you to rest easy, assured that no unimaginable bills are going to be dropped at your door. Simply pay an affordable flat rate and track your asset with a peace of mind.

Basically, you will get a data sim card that will work as a local card everywhere it goes. You will never need to switch sim cards ever again. No more worries about connectivity or incremental costs. Our M2M / IOT sim with Multi-Operator support will always select the local network with the best radio signal.

Unlike our competitors, we would like to offer you a sim card that works just like your local card, only that ours will work even when your network is down or it’s not available in a particular geographical location.

What this means for you is that you have at least all local networks, because sims will always connect to the network with the best signal strength.
Our promise is simple and constant: You will always check into the mobile network with the best reception signal.

We can use any available mobile phone network to provide real-time tracking services in locations where your local operator might not have coverage. Our sim card connects automatically to the network with the best signal at any moment.

Get your sim card today at GPSTRAQER.COM or check our offering at

Again no roaming charges, you only pay a flat rate. Contact us and request our pricing.

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