Weltweit & unlimitierte Datenübertragung

Unlimited data transfer is not easy to find in any country’s telecommunication networks, leave alone international transfers. Even in cases where you have network providers offering some form of unlimited plans, the cost is often too hefty to make business meaning for any business. This can be a frustrating affair if you are in a business that requires constant tracking of your assets, say in businesses such as fleet management.

Like the telecoms, Tracking Companies worldwide do not offer unlimited data transfers and thus customers are forced to rely on the pay per data unit or certain Megabyte arrangements, which is no doubt expensive whether for a small or large company.

Considering that companies with tracking needs will always have huge volumes of data to transfer, access to unlimited platforms is an offering that they would love to enjoy because it’s convenient, besides making things move faster by increasing efficiency.

We’ve heard stories of customers who have been surprised by huge data bills just because they transferred data internationally unaware of the quickly rising charges in the case of data roaming. To make matters worse, most, if not all telecoms do not have plans that are friendly to subscribers who need to transfer huge volumes of data every day among others across several countries.

Speed is another major concern that troubles companies and individuals who are looking for unlimited data plans for tracking purposes. One common problem that customers face is the option to upgrade to more frequent tracking intervalls, which will definitely cost more money as the data volume increases accordingly.

So whichever way you look at it, there is a glaring problem when it comes to finding a genuinely affordable unlimited data transfer plan that covers the entire world.

This is where GPSTRAQER.COM comes in to solve these challenges completely by introducing unlimited worldwide data transfer for a fixed price, no hidden charges, overhead costs, upgrades, or downtime.

In contrast to standard GPS solutions, GPSTRAQER.com provides for the first time on a global scale, an unlimited data transfer at a fixed rate. That is, regardless of where your vehicle, container, truck or machinery is whether EU or non-EU, USA, China or Africa.


GPSTRAQER.com uses a unique patented technology to compress, among others, your position data and all other preconfigured items (including temperature, fuel, speed, etc.) and can accordingly take less and less expensive data packets over the line.

Locate your mobile goods – as often as you want, regardless of where they are located! Track at a flat rate.

International Data Plan

International Data Plan is especially valuable when transporting goods across the continent enroute to Europe, will find it hard to work with local telecoms. With our tracker, the advantage comes in the form of convenient local tariffs. These include the ability to use one sim card throughout when you are even crossing borderlines of states.

GPSTRAQER’s local tariffs come with all the benefits of what you receive from your favorite network company at home. These include: using an unlimited data package, cell triangualtion for backup purposes and even 20 free per month. You also get a chance to use the same tracking SIM when you move out e.g. of the US to Europe and other nations.

A look at the international data rates for trackers shows a high rate of volatility. Telecoms usually charge depending on the current network or regulatory pricing parameters in that given roaming country. This is why you may receive a data shock once you cross from the Americas to Asia, Europe or elsewhere because the local networks immediately slap you with exorbitant rates without your knowledge. But now you can avoid all that by using our sim card that offers you an International Data Plan for a flatrate.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Indeed, a look at the current charges in various countries can show you the problem of roaming without an unlimited data subscription. As you will see next, roaming outside the US and Europe can easily lead to extreme charges:

1. In Asia, the least you can get per megabyte of data transfer is 4.99 Euro in countries like, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar, among others.

2. Even after the second Data Roaming Regulation issued by the EU, the normal rate for Europe, which is still high considering that it is not an unlimited package, is 0.228 Euro Cents. Thus, when you are roaming in countries like Belgium, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, Spain, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, among others, you will pay this rate per megabyte. Certain states in Europe but which are no members of the EU charge 1.99 Euro. These include Albania, the Isle of Man and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

3. In the Americas, in nations like Jamaica, Bermuda and the Berbados, the rate is that of Zone 4 charges, at 4.99 Euro.

4. In Africa, nations ranging from Algeria and Egypt, to the North, and Botswana to the south, the rate per megabyte is the same as that of Asia at $4.99.

5. The Australasia region composing Australia and New Zealand falls under the Zone 3 rate of 3.99 Euro per megabyte.

As you can see, in situations where thousands of Euros or dollars would part your account, our International Data Plan with unlimited data transfer for a flatrate is all that would be necessary at GPSTRAQER.COM.

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