GPS & Cell Triangulation

As institutions increasingly rely on GPS systems to track their moving assets and goods, there is an equally increasing worry that is emerging among users. They are constantly afraid of what could happen in the event that the accuracy of the GPS systems is compromised.

This fear is justified, rightly so, because the more crucial the data expected to be collected from the GPS tracking system, the greater the fear of the potential risk in case the performance a GPS tracking device is interfered with by GPS jammers and thus prevent it from working perfectly and relying the necessary information.

A common situation where it’s very important for GPS devices to work accurately includes among others Fleet Management.

Fleet managers worldwide rely on GPS tracking devices to counter theft, protect and track their assets, thus reducing insurance premiums while increasing chances of asset recovery in case of a loss.

GPSTRAQER eliminates the fear of interference by countering GPS jammers

Several methods have been used in an effort to block GPS signals by disabling, confusing or even rendering it completely unusable. Normally, the signal from the GPS satellite is much weaker and therefore easier to block than the one transmitted from the tracking device.

The simplest form of GPS blocking are cases of high profile and well thought out GPS jammers some of which can even be purchased online. Here is a look at the common GPS jammers that GPSTRAQER’s tracking solution is capable of outsmarting to give you 24/7 reliable tracking.

GPS Jamming Gadgets are common in online usage, and are discreetly plugged into the 12v adapter of the vehicle. The gadget will interfere with GPS radio signals within approximately 30ft range.

Metal shields are perhaps the cheapest form of GPS jammers because they are highly unethical. Simply wire the device in a metal sleeve like say brass or even a lead camera film protection. Car thieves are particularly known to transport the stolen vehicles inside refrigerated trucks in order to block the transmission of GPS signals.

GPS spoofing gadgets have the ability to send fake radio signals that then overwrite the real signals that are being transmitted by the GPS device. It will also report a fake location. The spoofing gadgets can be very dangerous to other users of GPS, especially in commercial transportation.

Mobile phone jammers – Most GPS tracking devices use wireless carriers to communicate real-time. A cell phone jammer can easily block the signal that is being transmitted to the wireless carrier thus preventing important updates. Even in this situation GPSTRAQER provides you the latest available position and alarm you in real time as soon as your sim is registered to the mobile network.

The most annoying thing that these jammers achieve is to block free sight to satellite, effectively rendering very inaccurate GPS positioning. Many industries know what limitation this problem means for their logistics, or for stolen cars hidden beneath metal sleeves or inside refrigerated trucks.

Our solution fixes all these problems, regardless of Indoor or Outdoor, even in garages, workshops, warehouses or even in the event of failure of mobile data transmission. Neither GPRS nor UMTS is necessary to track and locate your mobile assets. for the first time enables the tracking of your sim cards, modules and systems based on the cell site in which your facility is located. That is, if the GPS position fails, you can still determine the location position of your assets by our backup system, which supports Cell Triangulation. Although the precision for this cannot be compared with GPS, it’s nonetheless very useful and sufficient in many emergencies.

Our Cell-Locate technology will create a deviation of 150m in the urban areas and up to 2500m in non-urban areas, when GPS is not available.

So now you need not fear that your GPS tracking system could be jammed.