iOS & Android App

If you are in the business of delivering goods, supplying materials, transporting corporate clients or offering daily taxi services, you may as well want to track your vehicles, operating teams or even goods as they move through the many routes en-route to the respective destinations and back.

Unfortunately, most GPS tracking solutions including apps in the market are very expensive in the long run both in terms of price and inefficiency, making it extremely difficult especially for small businesses to whom time and efficiency is most critical. You will be required to pay monthly costs besides other hidden fees that rump up to exert pressure on the business’ profits. now solves this challenge by providing a friendly solution that only requires a flat rate alongside free iOS and Android apps to make your work even easier.

Our iOS & Android apps are very easy to use so that you can comfortably monitor the movement of your tracked assets from wherever you are, from any iOS or Android mobile device be it a phone or a tablet. You can quickly send and receive messages to your drivers, view the position of your vehicles and much more.

Businesses that can use alongside our iOS and Android apps to better track and comfortably manage their assets include fleet management businesses, construction, utilities, field services, beverages, mining companies, transport companies and many more.

Our free iOS and Android apps will help you to;

  • See the current status of all tracked vehicles.
  • Use standard maps & satellite/hybrid modes
  • Easily communicate with drivers through Garmin or smartphones (Apple iOS, Google Android)
  • Comfortably create POIs/landmarks with just a click on your smartphone or via our web portal

Both apps are discoverable under GPSTRAQER in the respective stores. You only need to enter your login information to start using them. You will immediately find your assets grouped and listed according to your wishes.

Simply use your iPhone, iPad, or Android, or indeed any mobile device as long as it runs either of the two operating systems i.e iOS/Android.

Besides giving you full access to our web portal at GPSTRAQER.COM, we offer you the option of iOS app in the iStore or an Android app in the Google Play Market to download for free. The data is integrated at or better still, displayed on your phone.

The iOS & Android tracking apps also offer incredible ease of measuring the cost of trips, including fuel purchases. So this data will never have to wait until the asset comes back to headquarters or stops at major stations.

With this option, you can track your machines, construction vehicles, cars and even containers 24/7 from anywhere, and respond promptly to events.

Mobile Apps-logbook connection

Our mobile apps connect automatically to the logbook, an indispensable feature indeed that allows quick actions such as the immediate adjustment of a private or business trip in case something comes up, based on the tracking information received.

If you are driving, you can suddenly look at the app and instantly know where your tracked assets are as well as relative proximity to the intended destination. All this can also be done via our iOS, Android and via the web portal as well.

It’s been a long wait for business, keen to see a solution that guarantees tracking mobility. You can replace the dark days of hope with the iOS & Android apps which are designed to facilitate uninterruptible real-time control and monitoring of your assets, any asset any and everywhere.

A day without the apps could be a day closer to preventable theft of your assets.