Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for GPSTraqer and EAM Apps

Effective Date: February 1, 2024


This document outlines the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for the “GPSTraqer” and “Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)” applications (hereinafter referred to as “the Apps”), provided by M2M Global Solutions Ltd. These terms govern your use of the Apps and the processing of personal data collected through them.

I. Service Provision Conditions

The Apps offer users the ability to monitor vehicle movements, manage assets, and generate reports based on data collected via hardware units installed in the assets or vehicles. This data is securely transmitted to our servers for processing and analysis.

II. Service Provider Responsibilities

M2M Global Solutions Ltd commits to:

  • Ensuring the functionality and security of the Apps by facilitating data transfers between the server and the users.
  • Providing continuous access to the Apps, except during scheduled maintenance.
  • Offering a 12-month warranty for hardware provided by M2M Global Solutions Ltd and associated with the Apps.
  • Guaranteeing access to the Apps’ interfaces post-subscription payment, in line with the subscription terms.

III. User Responsibilities

By using the Apps, users agree to:

  • Refrain from tampering with the hardware or the Apps.
  • Secure necessary consent for monitoring from individuals whose data will be collected.
  • Not undertake actions that would impair the functionality of the Apps or service infrastructure.
  • Ensure the service is not provided to third parties without written consent from M2M Global Solutions Ltd.
  • Change their access password immediately after the first login to maintain account security.

IV. Service Offer Validity

The offerings and pricing of the Apps are subject to change. Notifications of any changes will be communicated through our website and directly to our users.

V. Personal Data Processing and Protection

In providing the Apps, M2M Global Solutions Ltd processes personal data including email addresses, telephone numbers, IP addresses, and GPS journey data. This data is essential for the Apps’ operation and is protected with robust security measures.

Data Retention:

  • GPS positional data is retained for 6 to 12 months, depending on user selection.
  • Other personal data is stored for the duration of the user account’s activity, plus an additional 6 months post-deactivation, unless extended by legal disputes.

Data Security and Sharing:

  • Personal data will not be shared without user consent, except as mandated by law.
  • Data is safeguarded by comprehensive security protocols.
  • Our practices are fully compliant with GDPR and other relevant legislation.

User Rights:

Users have the right to access, rectify, delete, or transfer their data and can exercise these rights by contacting our Data Protection Officer at dpo[at]


This policy is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, and any disputes will be resolved in its courts.

Changes to This Policy

M2M Global Solutions Ltd reserves the right to update this policy. Users will be informed of significant changes through our website or via email.

Contact Information

For inquiries related to this Privacy Policy or the Apps, please contact:

This document sets forth the privacy practices and terms of service for the GPSTraqer and EAM apps provided by M2M Global Solutions Ltd. Users are encouraged to review these terms regularly to stay informed of their rights and obligations.