Tracking Loved Ones

If you love something, set it free. Good wisdom, but you still need to keep a good eye on them if only to ensure that you stay as far away as possible from terrible surprises. You don’t want to find yourself sitting late into the night wondering why your child is not home, yet they promised to get back early. Neither do you want to get a sudden call from your kids’ teacher, asking why they didn’t show up in school, when you clearly saw them leave in the morning.

It is fact that our extremely demanding lifestyles present a big challenge that increasingly makes it impossible to physically watch over our loved ones; especially the vulnerable lot like children, grand parents, the sick and even pets! While it is almost a dream to be in their presence at all times, the sure knowledge of exactly where they are and what they are doing is very important to every parent or indeed anyone charged with the responsibility of taking care of these persons.

Thanks to modern GPS technology, you can now replace the worry with intelligent, non-intrusive mini gps units from GPSTRAQER.COM.

Will you be interfering with their privacy? No, and here is why;

One thing that scare us when we hear about tracking those close to us has something to do with this mistaken notion that tracking loved ones is synonymous to spying on spouses. On the contrary, tracking loved ones is much more and way bigger than mere ‘secretive watching”. For instance, we don’t invest in pet gps tracking devices because we suspect our pets. Now think about your little children, your old parents, family members who require close attention etc. And even more surprising, you can track your own-self, yes! This is well applicable to the adventurous type, those who love to experience nature by exploring completely new places. You could end up in a risky location one day! Our ultra thin gps device will assist you to send an SOS message for rescue and enable your family and friends to track you !

GPSTRAQER.COM essentially gives you full control of today’s hectic world where you are equally expected to be responsible for your loved ones. The reliable devices will help you to avoid tragic incidences before they happen to your children, teens or senior parents.

Additionally, you derive a good peace of mind knowing that everyone you care about is connected to you.

Simply give them the tracker (e.g. gps kid tracker or gps collars for dogs) then monitor their movements & locations from our portal, your computer or on your mobile phone through our Android, iOS apps or web portal.


  • Multiple device management (view several tracking devices simultaneously in a list and map format
  • Geo-fencing capabilities (create-Geo-Zones around places like schools or residences and get automatic alerts when the tracker exists or enters the defined zones. Just create a circle around the location of interest and fix the distance/radius. You will get alerts every time the tracker leaves or enters this zone. A message will come to your device be it phone or computer, with clear coordinates showing where they are and how far from the zone
  • SOS (the SOS button is activated by pushing it. You will get a message alert indicative of a danger that requires immediate action)

You can rely on these easy to use brand new, ultrathin gps devices/ trackers – refer to our hardware.

  • Did your kids make it to the inter-school games?
  • Is your pet within the compound?
  • Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s?

GPSTRAQER.COM has the correct answers, with intelligent mini gps units such as gps collars for dogs or cat gps collar that are designed for the ultimate tracking of your loved ones, giving you the peace of mind you need to be productive. And when something goes wrong, you will be the first one to know. Clear the worries, grow the love.