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No Roaming Charges, No Network Issues, No GPS Jamming! Starting with Cross Border GPS Tracking, everywhere in the world.

If you run a business in the Transport & Logistics industry, then you probably understand the traditional norm that once a vehicle leaves the company premises it becomes invisible until the journey is complete and it’s back again to the premises. Only a cross border GPS tracking system can help you to monitor movements through the various routes all the way to the intended destination, and back.

That is why today almost 75% of successful Transport & Logistic providers utilize GPS Fleet management to track vehicle fleet, trace stolen assets or monitor temperature (Cold Supply Chain), shock and other telemetry data to ensure their freights/shipments arrive on time and intact.

A logistics company with a fleet of trucks for example needs a truck tracking system that can offer real-time tracking with accurate details of speed, driver fatigue, where they stop to sleep or rest and whether they are following authorized routes. When you have all this data in real time, it becomes easy to handle emergencies and thus increase efficiency.

A professional gps tracking system should eliminate any chance of missing anything. Our GPS Tracking System, GPSTRAQER ensures that every action, every trip is automatically recorded by the gps tracking device and transmitted immediately to our GPS Tracking portal which you can comfortably study from your PC in the office or even from your cell phone via our tracking apps for Android or IOS. So in the event of theft, accidents, bad weather, overspeeding or harsh driving, you can always tell. If your vehicle is hijacked, the installed dual camera will detect and immediately take action.

These are the kind of solutions that GPSTRAQER.COM provides to the transport & logistics industry worldwide.

And we do not just stop at the obvious solutions only. GPSTRAQER.COM now goes the extra mile to introduce an industry FIRST, a ground-breaking solution that you will not get from any other provider as you will discover:

Global, Unlimited Data Plans, No Roaming Charges and No GPS Jamming…

A common headache for gps tracking solutions is the element of roaming. Cross Border Businesses are often forced to pay roaming charges every time the fleet is out of the sim’s home network’s coverage, mostly out of your country.

It’s also common to see tracking devices fail to send data due to reasons such as no roaming agreements, no sight to satellite or lack of indoor-coverage. These challenges have often built up to cause damages for Transport & Logistics companies, including huge financial losses. Think of how much you will lose if your truck was to get stuck in a location where your local sim can not register to the roaming network.

So you definitely want a gps vehicle tracking solution that you can trust to deliver data real-time no matter the challenge of location.

This is why is breaking away from tradition to offer a solution that will never depend on your network provider’s sim card, thus enabling transport & logistics businesses to enjoy the following set of unique advantages from anywhere in the world:

  • provides data roaming everywhere worldwide, with no geographical restrictions !
  • Our international M2M sim cards can register to any available mobile network, thus eliminating all roaming coverage challenges
  • is the only GPS tracking solutions provider that supports Cell-Triangulation – even when the hardware fails to transfer the GPS/LAC/Cell-ID position due to unavailability of the satellite or due to an outage of the involved mobile network (roaming problems), will locate your assets
  • has direct access to the mobile networks core, where the sim registration data is available as soon as the sim card is registered to any network worldwide
  • Our truck tracking system has an intelligent reporting engine which makes it possible to generate and export standard and customized reports to all kinds of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions such as SAP. Other formats such as txt, csv, and xls are supported as well
  • is perfectly suited for large truck tracking, passenger cars & buses, motorcycles and all kinds of mobile equipment
  • provides Geo-fencing capabilities, a virtual electronic fence that is only known to you. You will be able to create zones around certain locations and record the entry/exit activities in real-time. You can setup alarms by alerting every desired or undesired movement in this zone (For example when the truck enters a construction site)

Perfect pricing, 24/7 Uptime

Pricing is definitely a key item of the decision making process when you want to choose a provider/supplier for your gps tracking devices/solutions. It is also important that you take time to analyze the unique value that you stand to gain such as performance efficiency and 24/7 reliance, which is a core provision at

The best procedure for obtaining your gps tracking device from takes this simple format:

  1. Settle on what you want a gps tracking device to do for you;
  2. Whatever you want done, is the solution- you are at the right place
  3. A complete GPS tracking solution from one hand: Hardware, Software and Data Sim; Buy directly from us, no intermediaries.

Our devices can be used on any mobile network globally in any country.


Searching for an efficient solution for full operations management? We offer a free Communication-API that makes it possible and easy to integrate our GPS tracking software with your very own back office software. The blend of your current system with our real-time tracking information presents a 360˚, all-round comprehensive view of all operations at your construction site.

You will comfortably integrate your vehicle information (real-time) with the following software categories:

  • Work order management
  • Dispatch
  • Billing
  • Routing

Garmin Messaging

Garmin Messaging enables you to effect direct communication with your drivers through the communication-API by using a Garmin navigation unit that is strategically installed in the vehicle. In other words you can send direct messages to the Garmin navigation unit that is in your vehicle, via the Communication-API. Drivers are able to give quick responses in form of scanned messages, free entry text or message acknowledgements. The messages coming from the drivers will appear clearly in the communication-API. Drivers can equally set and indicate their status at different times; enabling dispatchers to have a good idea of the specific drivers who are free for calls at any one moment during the working hours.

Garmin Routing

The Garmin Routing feature in Communication-API makes it possible for dispatchers to set up routes for their drivers and directly upload them to the respective Garmin devices in the vehicles. Received a sudden emergency alert? Simply send a quick stop to your nearest driver. The Garmin device will navigate to this stop automatically from the current location of the vehicle, and will continue on the driver’s scheduled route once the stop is completed.

Speed Monitor

Standard speed notifications’ is what you get from other GPS tracking companies. The disadvantage with this form of notification is that you can only set a single threshold for monitoring speed. So it doesn’t allow you to have an eye on the most outrageous speeding actions especially those that happen in residential locations. We correct this weakness by offering a speed gauge alert system in Communication-API which allows you to clearly see vehicles that could be moving beyond pre-set speed limits. This is a crucial feature because once you are able to maintain steady speeds; you will ensure your drivers’ safety while protecting your company’s image and reputation.

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